Android has gained immense popularity and is still increasing its market share. With the popularity of Android, its apps are also catching eyes of people and now have reached to a level where it can surly compete with iPhone apps. Apptellect is an application development company, which deals in various platforms, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and windows mobile.


Apptellect has remained in touch with Google Android from its initiation phase and continue to keep a close eye on its later versions. Our Android app developers have years of experience in Smartphone apps development. Most of our Android app developers are developing high-end apps since the inception of first android based Smartphone. We carefully monitor development life cycle of all projects on all stages ensuring high quality and deliver bug free products for every customer.


Android platform is mainly driven by continuous improvement in its versions with that we cay say for sure that our Android app developersare prepared for their next updates and versions. Android platform has various benefits over other mobile development options. Android platform is open, transparent and has no major complexities, which makes it a good choice.


Our team of Android app developers have created quite innovative and comprehensive applications for wide variety of businesses, industries, companies and end consumers. Most of the apps developed by our Android app developers support multiple android based devices simultaneously which makes our apps highly durable and reliable. We aim to deliver you high quality apps without busting your wallet; our rate varies, depending on the activities that you like us to be involved. Moreover, for all projects that have well defined requirements, we offer a fixed cost quote, so that there will be no surprises for you at the end. Our expertise as android and iphone app developer are second to none.

Like iPhone App development, we have an extensive experience in Android App Development as well. Our Android Apps Developers make sure that we turn your dreams into realities at a shoe string budget. Have a look at our Android Apps Portfolio to check the exciting the apps we have done.